Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 5, #12

I was not familiar with Rollyo, so spent a lot of time looking at the suggested sites, especially those connected with reference work. Since we have online databases and ebooks at school, I actually urge students to use the resources we buy and steer them away from general Internet/Google/Yahoo searches. However, I can see positive uses for schools which have limited finances to create search rolls under multiple topics for student use. Teacher librarians and classroom teachers can collaborate to create searchrolls for students to use for research related to general curricular areas,like history, as well as specific topics, such as World War II. Students would spend more time looking at content and less in the actual search process, using sites already vetted by their teachers and librarians.
For fun, I decided to search for web sites with library jokes and was pleased to find several. Some are close duplicates of each other, but the four I listed on my search roll are distinct enough from each other to merit inclusion. I already have an idea to have my student library assistants at school select their favorites, type and print them for a bulletin board display. Maybe we'll do this for National Library Week in the spring.