Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 9, #22

Audiobooks and ebooks present an opportunity to make literary works available to students in a format that fits into their lives, by listening while traveling or during a time when they might be listening to music. Many school libraries have embraced this technology, buying books on tape, CD and playaways as the delivery system advances. Being able to access books free from sites like Project Gutenberg expands on titles that might not be in their school libraries, in either print or audio format. Another advantage is the languages that are available, both for students whose first language is included in those available, or for students who are studying languages for which free ebooks are accessible from these sites. Some titles I saw listed that might appeal to ELL high school students are childrens' books like those by Beatrix Potter or the Wizard of Oz series, not usually found in a secondary school library. One disadvantage is that students will not be able to download titles still in copyright. In addition, I did not see any books listed for either Arabic or Urdu, languages which some of my English language learners speak at home.
Readers who prefer the tactile aspects of reading, browsing physically through library shelves, holding their books and turning the pages, might not adjust easily to the audio component of listening or "hands-free" method of reading the computer screen. Learning styles can also determine which patrons eagerly adopt this format. Those who need the visual experience of seeing the words could still read from the computer screen, but might not absorb the content by listening. However, whether patrons check out audiobooks from their libraries or find them free on sites like the Gutenberg Project, the expanded ability to access material presents an advance .


School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

One more "THING" to go! You are moving right along.

For you Arabic and Urdu languages, why not invite students or their parents to read/podcast some of their favorite books?

Best wishes.

IrmaPince said...

I love audio books - great for long rides or when you are walking the dog.
You are almost at the finish line! Aren't you glad you renewed your effort?

Library Lady said...

My middle school students love the playaways. My first order of eBooks have not been nearly so popular.