Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 3, Thing #5

Week 3, Thing #5

I went to Flickr and had fun searching for photos related to libraries, teens, books and schools. I tried a number of combinations of my search terms to compare the results. What interested me is the number of public libraries that post photos of programs and events, and the difficulty I had finding schools that do the same. I also discovered at the beginning that I found some photos totally unrelated to my search; the screen names of the people who had posted them had at least one of my search terms.

I found one picture of an amazing stack of books piled on top of each other, with no visible support. It looked like one puff of air would knock it down. It reminded me of a children's game with blocks of wood.

The link I am putting in is to the end panel of a teen section in a public library. It shows black and white copies of book covers in the teen section covering the panel. I thought this is an inventive, inexpensive and attractive way to lure teen patrons over to the shelves. In addition, the staff can change it to match events, themes, etc.

Here is the link:
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IrmaPince said...

Perhaps it is that "in loco parentis" responsibility that keeps us school folk from posting pictures of events as we have to make sure we have secured parental permission to do so.