Saturday, August 11, 2007

Week 3, Thing #7

Technology permeates so many parts of my professional and personal life it's hard to narrow down only a few to mention. One amazing change is the ease digital cameras provide in sharing pictures. I do not miss having to identify pictures to duplicate from strips of negatives, take them to be printed, put them in envelopes to be weighed before mailing, etc. Attaching the pictures to an email for specific friends, colleagues and family members streamlines the whole process.

Finding knitting patterns and recipes on line represents a leap forward from the days when wanting a recipe or pattern for something specific meant a trip to the library or knitting store, then searching. If the need arose at a time when the library or store was closed, the search had to be postponed. Having access to the internet eliminates that roadblock.

In my library at school I do not miss the grindingly slow process of guiding students through: 1) picking the correct drawer of the card catalog, 2) biting my tongue as they turn one card at a time, 3) going to the shelf, only to find the book isn't there. Now, the only glitch arises if their search terms are spelled incorrectly!

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IrmaPince said...

It is amazing how we used to do things just a few short years ago, isn't it?