Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week 6, #14

As I looked around Technorati, I enjoyed searching using "School Library Learning 2.0" to find related sites. Some sites had all three words, while most had only one or two of the search terms. I enjoyed finding a few blogs that were specifically related to school libraries and Web 2.0 technologies. One was from a first year teacher librarian at an independent school who was running into roadblocks getting the students connected to the web. The problem was the school's technology limiting searches by students due to legal constraints. Another blog gave credit to teacher librarians for trying to teach up to date web 2.0 skills to students while hampered by lack of resources themselves.
I also looked around the basic Technorati web site, both on the home page and in various categories. I tried another search, using the tags Books and Reading, and found some interesting posts about books the writers are reading, have read, want to read, etc. Much of what I'm learning about tagging reminds me of the days (long ago!) when I had to catalog and classify all the library books myself, before this service was available from vendors. I would try to include all the possible subjects patrons would use, in order to increase the chances they would find the most useful titles. In many ways, tagging seems to be the electronic method of maximizing the number of online searchers directed to a related post.

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Becca said...

Weehoo! Welcome back to 2.0. And, tagging does surely have its usefulness, though also its limitations. I have not been drawn to use Technorati much, though am glad to know it is there so that I know I can turn to it if other searches prove unfruitful.