Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week 7, #17

Reading the suggestions and ideas on the California Curriculum Connections wiki demonstrated the wealth of talent and ideas participants in this program possess. I looked at several areas and will revisit them when I have more time to follow up on some intriguing ideas. Several contributors on the wiki section mentioned having book discussion groups for teachers and students, which is an idea I want to institute in my high school.
I got another idea while reading the list. During the last week, I had students interview me for a class project, wanting to know about events that have happened at our school in the 12 years I've worked there. While I have witnessed some major events, we have staff members and teachers who graduated from our school and came back later to work there, who would have the perspective of both students and staff. In addition, in the last 10 years many teachers who have taught at our school for 25-30+ years have retired. Creating a school history wiki would capture the personal memories of teachers, other staff and current and former students in a public forum that is accessible to all interested parties. Making it a wiki, rather than in print, allows us to enlist the participation of retired teachers and others who are no longer on campus regularly or who have moved out of the area. I can see this wiki becoming a rich source of school history that expands and enriches the annual school yearbook.


Becca said...

A school history wiki would be phenomenal! You might want to talk with Amielle, who is looking into an oral history project at King.... I think it's a great idea.

librarymum said...

This is a fantastic idea - a school history wiki! I am so inspired, I cut and pasted your idea (with a citation to you of course!) in the Sand Box on my school library wiki so I don't lose the idea. Thanks so much. I love this sharing!

Librarymum of PageSpace